Colin Keefe

Built first electric guitar – on a workmate bench in bedroom!

1985 – 1987
Attended a guitar making course in Bristol run by the Kinkade Brothers. During this time, produced 4 electrics, 1 acoustic, and 1 semi-acoustic, plus carrying out a wide variety of repair work.

2 year OND Course – London College of Furniture: Musical Instrument Studies of Modern Fretted Stringed Instruments.

Graduated from OND Course and joined 2 year HND Course in Musical lnstrument Technology in the modern fretted Department.

Graduated from College with Distinctions in many subjects and an overall Merit. Accepted a job with the newly formed Patrick Eggle Guitar Company as supervisor of neck production.

After leaving Patrick Eggle, took a Certificate of Adult Education Teaching Course.

1993 – to date
Teaching two evening classes in stringed instrument-making at local Community Colleges. Currently a full-time maker and repairer of guitars, mandolins and other modern stringed instruments.

Please visit http://www.keefeguitars.co.uk for more information.

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